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About the Book


A rising star that fell…

Anna Levenko was set to become the next “it girl” in tennis. The first Ukrainian prophesied to win a Grand Slam… And then everything changed. Years later, with a business degree behind her, an unpaid job keeping her busy, and a family that means well, Anna can’t help but dream of something bigger. What’s one little white lie in the grand scheme of things?

But her dream job isn’t just sunshine and roses. Her first project takes her to Tanzania, and everything that could go wrong, does. Not to mention her woeful love life. Will she ever reach the life she’s worked so hard


"Valeriya Goffe is a talented author whose story makes the reader feel that success can be possible, no matter the odds. Readers will gain inspiration from Anna's story and learn from her to never stop chasing after what you truly desire."
"I really enjoyed reading this book. It runs the gamut of emotions with a good message. The writing is emotive and I look forward to reading more from this author."
N.N. Light's Book Heaven
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