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Tashkent Hotels

I visited Tashkent several times in the past, but not recently. This June, I was heading there for the first time after a ten year break. Well, I can tell you, a lot has changed in those ten years. Many new, impressive buildings popped up. Amusement parks have been built. Lots of construction is still happening throughout the city. Plenty of new hotels have opened their doors to greet the visitors. Uzbekistan is growing fast and strengthening ties with many countries.

If you are also planning to visit Tashkent one these days, you’ll find a wide variety of hotels to choose from. This was not the case a decade ago. Some of the top hotels in the capital now include international and local brands, such as Hilton Tashkent City, Hyatt Regency Tashkent, Radisson Blue Hotel, Holiday Inn, International Hotel Tashkent, Hotel Uzbekistan and others. A big advantage of staying in Tashkent is that hotels are relatively inexpensive, compared to many other countries.

When deciding on a place to stay, I was advised to stay at Hilton Tashkent City. This hotel was build a few years ago and quickly gained popularity. I made the booking and didn’t regret my choice even for a moment. Hilton Tashkent City is chic and modern. It is definitely one of the best places to stay in Tashkent today.

Hilton Tashkent City Surroundings

Hilton Tashkent City is located in the central part of the city, so it’s quite convenient to reach different popular sites, such as the Alisher Navoi Opera theater or the Chorsu Bazaar. Taxis are very cheap in Tashkent; for literally 1-2 dollars you can get to your destination. A good app to use is Yandex app. Taxis come very quickly, in just a few minutes.

Drivers are generally nice, friendly and chatty. When talking to drivers, the topic of my native country of Ukraine and the devastating war there naturally came up. I was very pleased to hear that everyone I talked to was very sympathetic of the difficult situation in Ukraine and hoped for peace in my homeland as soon as possible.

You can also venture outside the hotel for a nice walk in the Tashkent City Park and its surroundings. There are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, ice-cream stands and various shops nearby.

If you take a walk in the evening, you can even watch a lovely fountain show. In general, Tashkent boasts a lot of fountains, but the musical fountain in Tashkent City where Hilton is located is the largest one in the capital. The laser light show is very impressive and many spectators, both local and foreign, gather around to watch it.

For children, there is a nice playground in the park and also some sprinklers which will definitely attract their attention.

Hilton Tashkent City Facilities

Throughout my stay, I was greatly impressed by a lovely interior and impeccable service at the Hilton Tashkent City. The rooms are modern and spacious, making them perfect for both leisure and business travelers. The hotel lobby is very beautifully decorated, peaceful and never crowded. In the morning, the staff put out some complementary fruit for the guests, such as peaches, apples, grapes, and plums.

The front desk is very accessible and ready to assist at any time. A few times I asked to get my room cleaned, and everything was done quickly to my satisfaction.

The hotel breakfast is delightful. The breakfast room is very spacious, with many tables both inside and outside. It didn’t feel crowded even on those days when there were a lot of patrons. The staff is very helpful. The food selection is excellent. Fruits are my definite favorites. They are extremely fresh and juicy, compared to those I got used to in the United States.

I was also lucky enough to witness a beautiful display which the staff put together for celebration of Eid-Al-Adha. It was a true work for art!

The hotel has a well equipped gym and an indoor pool. The gym has several treadmills, ellipticals, a stationary bicycle, a barbell set and various other exercise machines available. It’s not crowded and there is plenty of space for everyone. The pool is relatively large and there are beach chairs and towels available for guests.

Overall, great experience and I will definitely be back soon!

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